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Locally raised, pastured, free range turkeys, on the Southern Oregon Coast. Our website will hopefully answer all your questions and let you know a little bit about us, our family and our turkeys.  We are all sold out for the 2015 season thanks to our great customers.  If you would like to get on our mailing list let us know.   Check out the "Deviled Turkey" article featured in The World Newspaper for a bit more info.

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Got Turkey?


Living On the Outside; Our turkeys are cage free and pasture raised for a distinctive, delicate flavor. 



Contact us if you would like to be added to our mailing list for 2016.  A big thank you to our customers.  You are what makes this endeavor worth it!!  Cheers to you and yours this Thanksgiving and a blessed year ahead.

Please use the Contact Us link to get in touch.

2015 News and Thanksgiving Bird Pick-up Times and Location

This year we are again partnered up with 7 Devils Brewery Co and Pub in Coos Bay by utilizing their spent grains. The barley they use in the process of making beer is called spent grains and we are taking that and  feeding it as a supplement to our poultry while they are on pasture.  We have found that the turkeys require high protein throughout their growth and are not able to glean that just on pasture. Nutritionally speaking, while the sugars are extracted for malt the barley is still high in protein, vitamins, fiber and digestibility.  The good news is that the turkeys love it and they are still gobbling the majority of their feed from pasture and those tasty bugs.  Rest assured we are taking part in utilizing local by-products whenever possible to provide a fresh, naturally grown, healthy bird.  If you get a chance, swing by 7 Devils Brewing Co and check out the Barrel and Tap right behind the Coos Art Museum. You will be impressed with what Carmen and Annie have done, not to mention the quality of their beer, local art and hospitality.

Our birds are both Bronze and White Broad Breasted.  As they are turned out on pasture they will be fed a little spent grains, possibly corn (as the weather gets colder) and a little balanced grower ration(to ensure they get all the vitamins, minerals, etc that they need) in the morning and then spend the rest of the day free ranging through several of our pastures, finally landing back home as close to the house as the fences allow them to roost for the night.  The feed they get in the morning is consumed in about ten to fifteen minutes and everything else they get to eat comes from what they forage throughout the day in our pastures.  You are getting a product that is truly free range and pasture fed

I heard from several of you last year that you loved the flavor from the Bronze and didn't mind the occasional dark spots in the carcasses.  We are raising about half Bronze, half Whites and charge $4.25lb.

Pick-up times for your gobbler are Sunday and Monday 11/22& 11/23 4pm-7pm.  If you are not able to make those times work let me know and we can arrange something.

Our address is 87591 Gilman Ln, Bandon, Or 97411.  We are located 6 mi south of Bandon and 1/2 mi north of the Game Park.  Gilman Ln is on the East side of Hwy 101.  We live 1/2 mi down the gravel road, through the gate at the end.  (If you are still not sure where we are located, Gilman Ln is just across and north of the purple and orange Art 101 Shop).  We can take checks made out to Diana Swenson or cash.

*I recommend you bring an ice chest to put your bird in.  For those of you that want smaller birds or extra large, it is first come, first pick on sizes. There will be a large variety of sizes this year so it should not be a problem if you do want a small or extra large bird.  We will also have some cranberries for you at pick-up.

Remember to check out our Talking Turkey Cooking Pointers on the left.  Investing in a meat thermometer helps to keep you from overcooking these fresh birds. Another resource on your pastured turkey is this site from Mother Earth News

Thank you again. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday and Monday before Thanksgiving~


Tidbits About Your Giblets and More...

Your turkey is unique.  It is the only local, fresh, pasture raised gobbler available on the South Coast of Oregon.

* You will notice on the Bronze birds that there is dark feather pigment in the skin.  No worries.  It does not affect the quality of the meat nor does it change the taste.

* The yellow you see on the carcass is from beta-carotene and chlorophyll found in plant matter. My Mother-in-law tries to scrub it off no matter how many times I tell her it is ok.

* These fresh, never frozen birds cook quicker.  Use a thermometer and watch carefully.  USDA says they are done at 165 degrees. You will wonder why you spent the extra money if you overcook them.

* You will notice that the gizzards are huge compared to non-pastured birds.  Just another indication you have a turkey that is truly free range, eating grass, legumes, bugs, seed heads, rocks and whatever else they can find.  The little corn and spent grains we feed in the morning are consumed in a short time.  The turkeys spend the rest of the day foraging.  Their crops can hold about two or more cups of grub as they get to be about 3-4 months old. Pebbles and rocks are necessary as an aid to grind their food in their gizzards.

* Did you know that even the turkeys you get locally in the grocery store or Health Food stores that are labeled free range or organic are in fact still grown in pens and are fed mixed feed all the time?  Check out their websites.  I think you will find our turkeys are one of a kind.

*Pastured turkey meat has more protein and less fat then beef, pork, and chicken.  Also, it is higher in beta-carotene, omega 3's. Vitamin C, E, and D.  Not to mention it tastes a whole lot better!

*The hens tend to be more compact with plumper breasts and the Toms are larger overall.  Go figure.  Both are tasty.

* Without your support we would be eating a whole lot of turkey (and not in business)!  Thank you.  Enjoy and let us know what you think.

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