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Green Gobblers Newspaper Feature

The World newspaper graciously showcased our turkeys on a beautiful fall day in their business section.   Special thanks to Nate Traylor and Lou Sennick for featuring us.  If you're interested here is the link;

Talking Turkey-Cooking Pointers and other Ramblings

What's the difference between "Free-range" and "Pasture raised"?    Glad you asked :) 

Free Range poultry are, according to the USDA, allowed to be labeled that way if they are "exposed to the outside".  Meaning that they only have to be allowed access to the outside.  This does not mean that they are on the range or free.  They may very well be in a large pen without grass, limited access outside and fed solely grain mixtures.  Check out your free-range grower and find out. 

Pasture raised means just that.  They are raised on pasture.  Our turkeys are turned outside once they are old enough to withstand the cool evenings and they stay out there.  They have over 40 acres of pasture that they run around on, happily gobbling up whatever comes across their path. 

Rest assured our birds are truly "Free Range" and "Pasture Raised".

Cooking Tips for a Happy Meal~

Autumn Happenings and Meanderings

Well, the turkeys are getting to be quite the explorers, ranging from one end of the field to the other and even checking out the neighbors (who graciously called to let me know they were headed down the road).  They spend a lot of their time eating bugs and grass, preferring the new growth, grasshoppers and grass seed heads.  I've been giving them some supplemental grain to keep their energy needs met as the evenings get cooler and days shorter.  From everything I have researched they say about half their diet comes from foraging.  They do recognize my car so I have had to beef up the security with more electric fence.  Broad Breasted Whites are very friendly and sociable.

The heritage crowd made an appearance for a few days and have been coming back when they feel like it to harass their cousins.  With them, is one gorgeous wild Tom who rules the roost.  They all can fly to the tops of the spruces, which must be why there are still four of them.  Not sure if I will be able catch any of them when the time comes.

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