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I want to thank you so much for offering a great alternative to a frozen 
turkey! I cooked mine this morning, my first turkey ever, and it was great!! 
I don't eat meat, but I had 9 family members that loved it. The recipe I 
used said to pour a bottle of champagne and chicken broth over the whole bird 
and everyone said it was so juicy and tender, much better than a store bought 
bird. I was really hoping it would be worth it to spend so much on just the 
turkey. I even had to skimp a tiny bit on the sides, but everyone was full 
and happy afterwards so I guess it worked out! Luckily I got a big enough 
one to send leftovers home with everyone! Thank you so much for helping me 
make my first Thanksgiving so great! Hope to get another one next year!


I wanted to tell you one more thing about your turkeys. I was talking with 
my mom today and she was telling me that my dad always gets really bad heartburn 
after eating turkey. The day after Thanksgiving they were eating leftover turkey
sandwiches when they realized that dad hadn't gotten heartburn then or on Thanksgiving.

Yet another reason why your turkeys are so much better than a frozen 
store bought bird. 
Thanks again-E


We Loved the T-day turkey, as you say tender, moist and flavorful. We were 
surprised at how few drippings appeared in the bottom of the pan as compared 
to a Butterball turkey. This is obviously a good thing-we just had to work a 
tad harder to get our gravy made.



Hi Diana,

Just wanted to let you know that the turkey we got from you for Thanksgiving 
was wonderful! The best turkey we have ever had.

Thank you. J @ T


Hi Diana,

Just wanted to drop a quick line about the turkey. We had our own little 
Thanksgiving last night. The turkey turned out great and was delicious! We will
definitely be repeat customers. And thanks for the cranberries-wasn't planning 
on doing some fresh sauce, but that was nice too. Hope your holiday was good. 

-Thanks again-J


Hi Diana,

It was yummy! Not only on Thanksgiving but the leftovers have been great also. 
We used Chef Marc's high heat method. Cooked the turkey(16+ pounds) in two hours. It was
nice and moist.

Thanks and have a good holiday season!

-D and L


We bought a turkey from the store to do a trial run on our Traeger BBQ before 
smoking one of your turkeys. Your turkey turned out much more moist compared to the 
one from the store. My dad, who is a meat connoisseur, was impressed with your turkey!

-B & W


We picked up a turkey this Thanksgiving 18.2 pounds and it was the best turkey we 
have ever had!! Thanks! We will be back next year!!


Diana. We used a bag with butter & herbs and it turned out GREAT! We were surprised 
that it was so tender given that it grew up running around in the pasture!

-Zachary, Deanna, Eric & Katie


Tender Turkey 2012

Cooked 22 pound big boy for 3.5 hours @ 325F... checked him by opening the roaster lid and surprise, he was done and waiting (as he was dinner). I thought he needed 5 hours. The meat, both dark and white was very moist, cooked breast up, oil, salt, pepper. no basting. 

Good food, thanks you all for being here and raising such fine food.... Gene H.