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2015 Turkeys are Growing, Healthy and Happy!

Once again fall has arrived and we've been blessed with a glorious warm rain nourishing our pastures but not quite filling the creeks. It has been the driest I have ever seen it in over 37 years.  Today the turkeys are basking in the sun intermingled with clouds, stretching out wet feathers and wondering who turned the hose on.  There was just enough sprinkles to get their feathers wet. Praying for more as it is desperately needed.   The little rain has given birth to spots of green out in the pastures but it would be nice to have that nourished along with some more in the next week or so. No doubt the new growth that's coming will satisfy the turkeys appetites more and put some meat on their bones.  For the most part the gobblers spend their time cruising around the pastures eating grass, bugs and anything else that looks interesting.  They will peck at just about anything, expecially if it is shiny.  When evening comes they head back towards the house and if it was possible they'd be right on the porch peering in the windows.  I'm not sure if it is because of habit, safety or because they know who gives them grain everyday but guaranteed they are as close to the house as possible, sleeping in huddles every night.  That suits me fine.  I'm hoping to get by with a minimum of predator problems.

The poults arrived at the beginning and end of July and our orders were short due to the avian flu.  There are about half  Broad Breasted Bronze and half  Broad Breasted Whites.  We purchased 20 BBW late to have some smaller birds for those of you that are interested.  Hopefully, barring any disasters, we are hoping to have 145-150 birds to sell with priority going to past customers and those that pre-order early.  We are butchering all of them right before Thanksgiving.  If you're wanting a Christmas bird you will need to order now and I can freeze it for you if you don't have the room in your own freezer.  The price will be the same as the last three years, $4.25/lb but including the giblets. I've been told there will be about 10-30% fewer turkeys available this year due to the avian flu. We did sell out last year so get your order in asap. Feel free to shoot us an e-mail if you have any questions, comments, or ideas.  When you do place an order, it would help if you include a phone number along with an e-mail. Pick-up times and other info is posted to the left under news.

Thanks again to all of you that bought turkeys from us in the past and also for the many encouraging, positive comments.  I am always amazed at everyone's kindness when they come to pick up their birds.  We are grateful for the support.  Happy Autumn to you all!